ELLE celebrates Beauty around the world!

Launched in 2013, the ELLE INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY AWARDS honor global excellence in Beauty. Every year, the beauty editors of the 45 ELLE editions around the world select their favorite beauty products. Their choices are spontaneous and individual, after having whittled down the most coveted, best formulated and outright irresistible products on the planet. They test and try out them all, to find out which ones are the ultimate must-have beauty goods to add to your routine. They finally come out with 16 innovative and high-quality prize winners, among 6 specific categories: Make up, Face care, Body care, Hair care, Fragrance and Green care.

The international editions of ELLE reveal the winners in their magazines and digital platforms, and the EIBA also give rise to glamourous local awards. And for the very first time in 2021, an amazing digital global ceremony gathered all the winning brands and ELLE international teams. An online event enjoyable simultaneously form anywhere in the world, which will be followed by many others.


On November 21st, 1945, the Russian-born, Paris-raised Hélène Lazareff launched a modern women’s magazine that would become a staple in every woman’s home in France. Inspired by her time spent in New York during World War II, Lazareff developed her own concept for a women’s magazine whose key editorial approach was to provide women with exclusive and unparalleled access to fashion and beauty, while maintaining a closeness to its readers.

The cornerstone of the magazine was its underlying tone of “Irony in seriousness, and seriousness in frivolity”.
She wanted only the best for her readers, held them in esteem, and felt they deserved to finally be regarded as strong and independent women, actresses in their society, who were invested in key issues, gaining their financial independence and being equal to men.

The internationalization of ELLE began in the United States and the United Kingdom in 1985 and presently counts 45 editions around the world. Lazareff’s unique visions were transformed into a concept so strong and relevant to women that it has become a global brand.

ELLE is now the number one women media brand in the world.


ELLE International is made up of three divisions: ELLE International Media licenses, ELLE International Advertising Sales House (LGA), ELLE International Non-Media Licenses (LAE). The ELLE Brand is present in 80 countries and developed under licenses agreements with now the 175 partners in the world.
21 M women enjoy reading one of the 45 ELLE Editions and reaching 175 M readers each month across our digital and social media platforms.


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